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In most automobiles, heat is essential. When you drive a car, the engine is getting hot. The fuel burns for power, so the engine gets heated up easily. Sometimes it is overheated. Then you need to cool down your car. This is the most common issue. If you don’t take proper management, your car will lose the longevity of its engine. Now we have some discussion on how long does it take for a car to cool down.


How long does it take for a car to cool down? 

You need to car cool down fast. You surely do not want to get into a boiling car and drive around while almost feeling faint because of the heat. Not only this situation takes the joy out of driving, but it is not safe. Here are some methods that will cool down your car surely. 

Handling a heat engine

Suppose you are driving your car, and after some time you realize your car becomes too hot to run continuously. What should you do during this situation? Do you need to stop driving or wait until it becomes cool? If yes, then how long does it take to cool down? Actually, it depends entirely on how you try to cool your car. Well, here is some advice on how you can handle a heat engine.

  • Do not panic and pull over as soon as: There is the temperature gauge. If the gauge hits the red and you can observe steam from the engine, you will need to slow down or pull over your car in a safe place. Sometimes you can see white clouds discharge from the engine; you should turn off AC. Moreover, you should open the windows and crank the heat and fans. Then you should turn on hazards and drive the car very slowly.
  • Pop the hood when there is no steam: if the car is getting hot, you will turn off the car and pop your hood. When the hood is too hot to touch, you will wait until the hood becoming cools. Then you will turn off your car. Moreover, leave the key from the on position. Then the cooling fan is running, which can be effective for increasing the speed of the cooling process. When the engine gets cool, you open the radiator cap. This will take 30-40 minutes. It will help you to save yourself from burns. 
  • Check the upper radiator hose: You need to check the upper radiator. It can help you when the system under pressure. Then you need to remove the radiator cap safely. Moreover, you need to use a towel or rag for handling the hose because the hose may be hot. 
  • Turn the radiator cap: You need a towel or rag to turn the radiator cap. The cap can put some fluid inside the radiator. Moreover, you need to push down the radiator cap. 
  • Check coolant reservoir tank: You need to check the reservoir tank. You have to give 30-45 minutes for this. 
  • Check the engine for leaks: You need to check the engine for leaks. A leak in the coolant system is responsible for heat. Then you check for fluid on the engine. If there is a leak, the cooling system can’t work properly for enough pressure. 
  • Refill the coolant: You can refill the coolant. Then you need to open the radiator cap to pour a small amount of water. Moreover, you need water for mixing the coolant.  
  • Turn the car back on after cooling: You can turn the car back. Then you need 10-15 minutes to cool off. Again, check the temperature gauge for an understanding of the actual heating position. 
  • Call a tow-truck if there is a bigger problem: If there are leaks on the cooling system or dripping oil, you will call tow-truck fast. You must be careful with this problem. 

Avoiding overheating

From all aspect, it will be better if you can avoid overheating. If you also often come through this heat problem, the following tips will help you to avoid this problem.

  • Drive at a slow pace when stopping and starting in: In the old car, there is stress in the engine when starting or stopping. You need to observe the temperature gauge regularly. 
  • Use the windows instead of AC: The AC has needed extra power to cool the air in the car. So, the engine gets overheated. Then you will off the AC during the engine getting overheat. 
  • Change your oil regularly and check your fan simultaneously: If the oil is old, the engine will heat very fast. So regularly you need to change old oil. New oil is effective for the fan. 
  • Top off your coolant at the beginning of summer: You need to check your coolant regularly. Then you need to ensure the level. If the level is low, you will mix an equal part of water and coolant. You need 2-3 minutes for searching for a leak. The color of the coolant is green. Moreover, this has sweet smells.
  • Keep an emergency kit in the car to manage overheating issues: You will not face being stranded on the way with an inactive engine. So, you need to take simple preparation to protect yourself from the situation. You need extra coolant, a gallon of water, a tool-kit, a blanket. Moreover, a flashlight, duct tape, a razor blade helps you in this situation. 
  • Factor affecting the heating up of a vehicle: There are some factors affecting heating up of a vehicle. 
  • The coolant concentration: Type of coolant mixture can heat up engine. If there are equal mixtures, your car will heat up gently with a discipline. Regular change of coolant has a great impact on car heating. 
  • The health of your vehicles cooling system: It encompasses thermostat, water pump belt. Moreover, there are also a radiator, fan etc. If one or more of these don’t work well, the car can get heat fast. So, the health of the vehicle is essential. Regular maintenance can keep the parts healthy. 
  • The material your engine: Aluminum made engine can heat to the surrounding. Moreover, iron made engines are heavy. Moreover, it can allow for heat transfer. So, we prefer the aluminum engine instead of an iron engine. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the fastest way to cool down a car?

Open and close the car door for few times to ensure enough air circulation. It is the fastest way to cool down a car.

How long does it take for a car to cool down to add coolant?

Usually, coolant takes 30 to 45 minutes to cool down your car.  

How long does it take for a car to overheat?

Actually, it cannot be identified how long it takes for a car to overheat. It can take five minutes only or after traveling for even a mile. You will be called about the problem when you notice the steam come from the hood or smell coolant. 

Will my car explode if it overheats?

No, your car may not explode if it overheats, but if you still drive it, then severe damage can cause to your vehicle. 

Wrapping up

We hope you can get a proper idea of how long it takes for a car to cool downYou need to follow all the procedures to cool the car. It will help your car to protect from the overheating effect. To avoid frequently overheating, follow our above-listed tips. If still your car running with the overheating problem, go for an expert mechanic for a quick and accurate solution. All the best.

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