How to Remove Permanent Marker From Car Interior | 8 Ways

Permanent markers are the most irritating thing to remove from any surface. One wrong step and you can mess anything up with the permanent marker. When it comes to a car interior then a permanent marker can show a lot of difficulties to remove.

Car interior can be easily susceptible with is dangerous permanent marker spots. But for removing the spot of a permanent marker from a car interior we can use some of the homemade remedies or other ingredients.

Learn more about how to remove permanent marker from car interior, then continue reading this article.


8 Ways to removing permanent marker spot from car interior

1. Alcohol

Using alcohol on the surface of the marker spot is a useful solution. Alcohol liquor works fine on the permanent marker.

For removing marker scratches, we can rub alcohol with a clean towel. First, we have to take a clean towel and put some alcohol on it and then rub it on the permanent marker spot. Generally, it works fine to remove the marker spot.

2. Magic eraser

A magic eraser is specially made to remove all the difficult spots like permanent marker. This is very easy to use and takes a very short time to clean all the mess up. For using it properly you can take a dishwasher and put some magic eraser on it and scrub on the marker spots. After some wipes, the sports will continue to clean. So, this is also a quick and easy way to remove the permanent marker from a car interior.

3. Use hair spray

This is also an efficient thing to remove permanent marker from the car interior. You have to take a cotton ball and spray the area with hair spray. After doing spray we can wait for 10 minutes to soak into the stain. Later we can rub the area with the Cotton ball to remove the marker. 

Hair sprays generally have alcohol in them so it also works very smoothly to remove marker spots.

4. Use aerosol

If your car seat is leather then using an aerosol spray is also an effective solution to remove permanent marker spot from the car seat. First, you have to take a clean cloth and have to spray some aerosol onto it. Now we have to scribe a towel at the marker spot. After some scrubbings, the spots will start to get lighter.  Maybe you have to follow the process two or three times more to clean the whole spot from the car seat if it won’t work at once.

But generally, both spray on a clean cloth and on the marker, spot then scribing for some time will successfully clean the permanent marker spot from a leather car seat.

5. Use vinegar with milk, borax, and lemon

A perfect mixture of all these items is very useful to remove permanent marker spots from the car interior. Car seat fabrics prefer this mixture so well. To make this mixture we have to take one teaspoon of milk and white vinegar and 1 teaspoon of borax. If we can make lemon with it then it’s also fine.

First, you have to take a small cup to make the solution then we can directly apply it to the spots and let it sit for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes when the mixture perfectly sits on the marker spot then the stain is ready to clean. Take a clean sponge and then use the solution on the car seat fabric. Keep scrubbing until the whole marker spot gets away.

6. Baking soda with toothpaste

A mixture of baking soda and toothpaste also an efficient way to clean permanent marker spots from the car interior. First, you have to take a small cup and make some baking soda with a little amount of toothpaste. This mixture is so good for removing the permanent marker stain from the car interior or seat fabric.

After making the mixture apply directly to the marker spots and wait about a couple of minutes to set the mixture on the spot nicely. Now take care of a slightly cleaned cloth and mix some mixture with it. Then keep scrubbing the cloth on the marker spots. Scribing for minutes 1 or 2 we can notice the spots are getting lighter and about to remove from the car interior.

7. Use sunscreen

Spray some sunscreen on the permanent marker sports works also fine. This is also an effective tool to remove marker spots. First, you have to take a slightly clean towel then spray on the towel and the spots in the car. Now describing the towel on the markers spot with gentle pressure.

8. Nail polish remover

As it has alcohol mix with it so nail polish remover can also become an efficient tool to remove permanent marker spots. This is also not so difficult to use nail polish remover.

The thing we have to do is to take a clean small cloth. If the cloth is thin then it works better on the spot surface. Now put 4 or 5 drops of nail polish remover on the cloth and keep scrubbing. This way you can definitely have a good result about the removal of permanent marker spot from car interior.


Permanent marks can be very much of a trouble if they get in your precious car. However, there are a lot of procedures available to get rid of the marker spots. But they must be done properly. Also, some homemade remedies are useful to use on the permanent marker spots.

After all permanent marker is a very risky thing because at the time of using it one mistake slip up can ruin everything. Generally, for removing permanent marker spot from car interior alcohol, vinegar hair spray is the effective tool to use. Vinegar, alcohol these all are very quick is stuff to get. If you want an efficient result then using all these formulas to remove permanent marker from the car interior.

Hopefully following the upper instruction everyone will have a good result about cleaning or removing permanent marker spot from the car interior. Thank you so much to stay with us and reading our article.

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