Why Does My Car Keep Locking And Unlocking Itself?

Have you ever encountered a situation where you remember clearly that you didn’t lock the car door, but it got locked automatically? In this case, is the car haunted? No, not at all. There are certain reasons for this misbehave of your car. And we are trying to figure those issues today!

So, if you ask, Why does my car keep locking and unlocking itself? There can be various answers to this question. Problems like faulty door sensors, loss of the signal can cause this auto-locking and unlocking itself. Certainly, for the automatic lock, there can be an auto-lock function enabled in your car.

Surely that’s not enough for you. Want to dig deeper? Let’s get started with a detailed explanation!


Why Does My Car Keep Locking And Unlocking Itself | Problems & Solutions

There can be multiple reasons why this is happening. Now we will let you know about each of the reasons along with the solutions to this problem. Keep on reading.

Probable issue-1: Malfunctioning sensor

Most of the time we find this culprit behind the main problem. Often, the cars contain sensors that help in locking and unlocking the doors. When the sensor is malfunctioning, it shows issues like automatic operation.


The only help that you can get for yourself is to get rid of the malfunctioning sensor. You can remove that from the door lock or change the entire lock system to install a new one. If you hire someone to do the installation, it will cost on average $75 per hour. Otherwise, you can do it yourself because the procedure is not that hard to follow.

Probable issue-2: A malfunction in the keyless entry module

This part allows you to lock and unlock your car without using the key. So any problem here can be the reason behind your car’s automatic lock-unlock problem. This can be because of any wire-related issues or even loose plugging.


What you can do here is only unplug the module and replug it again. Any inner issue of this part of the car needs to be handled by professionals only.

Probable issue-3: Loss of the signal

If your car lock works in a keyless functionality, the signal will be the major factor in controlling it. Any disruption in the signal will be an accusation for your car’s auto lock-unlock problem. There can be numerous reasons behind the loss of signal. Moreover, the loss of signal can arise because of the internal non-functionality of responsible parts as well.


If you think that the loss of signal is responsible for your problem, you have to seek the help of a professional in this regard. It will be quite troublesome to fix it on your own.

Probable issue-4: Problematic remote battery

As most of the car locks are remote controlled, the issue in the battery can result in automatic operation. So if you are still noticing problems in the lock of your car after following previously mentioned solutions, you might try looking at the remote battery.


The solution here is simple, just change the remote battery.

Probable issue-5: Stuck remote buttons

You might notice your car door is locking and unlocking constantly after your remote buttons are automatically stuck. So if your baby is playing with the remote or anyhow it is being pressed, it can be the reason behind the automatic response that you are encountering.


If the remote has stuck buttons because of an internal problem, you have to fix it by calling out a mechanic. Otherwise, keeping it in a safe place where no one can reach it will help.

Probable issue-6: Auto-lock system

Nowadays, almost all cars come with an automatic lock system. So if your car is one of those with an automatic lock system, this can be the reason behind the problem that you are assuming to be paranormal.


Well, the only solution here is to disable the auto-lock system. But we are not sure if every car that includes this system contains the turn-off option or not. Yet, you can check on your car’s model for yourself.

How can I stop my car from locking automatically?

If you want to disable the auto-lock system, then we are going to share a procedure to help you out. In fact, the procedure is quite easy to follow. But first, you have to check if your car allows you to deactivate the auto-lock system or not. After getting assured, follow the given procedure:

  • Turn the ignition on and get the power.
  • Find your car’s unlock button and press it thrice without giving a pause. Then you have to turn the ignition off.
  • After turning the ignition off, now repeat the second step and press the unlock button three times in a row again.
  • Now you have to turn on the ignition button.
  • By now, you will enter the programming mode of your car. You can assure yourself if you hear the horn beep once.
  • Now the final step is to press the unlock button once and then the lock button once. At this phase, turn your ignition off and then wait to hear a beep from the horn. Your job is done!

Now in case you have a keypad in your car instead of the lock/ unlock button, you can follow the below-given procedure:

  • Close your car’s door and then turn off the ignition. Make sure that everything is turned off inside the car.
  • Enter the factory code to start the programmable option.
  • Press the 3-4 button and while holding this button, press and release the 7-8 button.
  • Repeat pressing the 7-8 button while holding the 3-4 button.
  • If the horn beeps once, your auto-lock is disabled.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How to unlock the automatic car door lock?

If you are stuck outside and your car has been locked automatically, you can use a spare key magnetically attached to the car to unlock it. Otherwise, you have to use unlocking tools and the mechanic’s help.

Why are my automatic locks not working?

There can be a malfunction in the lock system or the key fob battery can be dead. If you are an expert, you can try to resolve the problem on your own, or it will be a wise decision to seek expert help.

Is there an app to lock and unlock your car?

If your car has a remote lock-unlock facility, you may be able to use an app. But you have to make sure of the compatibility at first.

How do you unlock your car with keys inside?

Multiple popular ways can help you. But the most convenient one that seemed to us is the tennis ball technique. Here you have to make a hole in the ball and place it against the lock. When you rotate the ball, the air stuck inside will help you to open the car. But it’s best if you seek the help of a mechanic to open your car’s door.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, by now you got the answer to Why does my car keeps locking and unlocking itself? It is a common problem among car owners, and there is nothing paranormal. So you can be less horrified and think of the solution that we have provided here.

In some times, you might face the irritating problem of having your car door lock with your keys inside. In this case, the best help that you can get yourself is from a mechanic. We have also shared the ways to disable your car’s auto-lock system, you can follow the steps to proceed further. Best of luck!

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