How to Clean Bugs Off Car With WD40 | All You Need to Know

Do the bug splats interrupt your view of the road? Or do these splats mess up the car paint?  

Actually, every car owner may experience this situation and looks irritating too. Some specific locations have more bugs and it’s a certain issue in your daily drive. The bag splats on the car leave stubborn stains on the car paint. If you don’t clean them regularly, then it will create a big mess.

To remove the big splats WD 40 is the best alternative. Dead bugs can be acidic, so you need to clean quickly with this solvency. If you are a learner, then you may be unaware of how to clean bugs off with WD 40. This article will help you out to learn the method.


How works the WD 40 in removing bug splats?

The WD 40 is a kind of penetrating oil that enters the car surface for deep cleaning. It is very convenient to use on the car paint and you don’t need any hard rubs. The liquid penetrates the car surface throughout, damaging the car paint. If there is corrosion caused by the bug debris, the solution will remove it.

How to clean bugs off a car with WD 40?

Bugs are seen in the front of bumpers or hoods. You can see different types of bugs, specifically lovebugs, the most common felon for this problem. When the dead bugs dry out, they stick with the car paint and get hard. They can not come off with the regular wash, even damp rags.

If you use sharp things to get off the bugs, it can harm the paint. So you need to choose an effective but convenient way. WD 40 works great in removing big splats without any damage and resists further having bug splats. Let’s see the way —

Step 1: Wash the car

Whenever you are doing some deep cleaning, you have to wash your car first. Moreover, car wash is mandatory before applying the WD 40. Wash your car with soapy water to eradicate most of the dirt and bugs that still don’t stick with the car paint. Moreover, when you are washing the car you can also point out the bug splats areas. 

Step 2: Apply the WD 40

After washing your car, apply the bug removal. There are a lot of products like bug mitt, dryer sheet, or tar remover. The bug mitt is used if the big stains are fresh. But we will use the WD 40 for a positive result. This element will dissolve the bug dead debris from the car surface. 

As we told you, dead bugs are acidic and they can leave acidic stains on the car paint. The WD 40 also cleans the acidic stains. Usually, the WD 40 comes in a spray bottle so that you can utilize the product easily. Follow the rules for applying it:

  • Spot out the affected areas where the bug splats. 
  • Then spray the WD 40 directly in the spots. 
  • Leave the car for few minutes to work on a chemical reaction.
  • Then gently rub the area with a cloth or sponge, but be careful about the paint.   
  • Now clean the WD 40 with a clean cloth and you can see the splats on it. 
  • If the bug splats remain in the car paint then repeat the step for deep cleansing. Moreover, one single application doesn’t remove the splats properly. Rinse the area every time when you re-apply the bug remover.

Step 3: Wash the car again

When the bug splats will remove fully, wash the car again to ensure there is no debris on the paint surface. This time, you will follow the way of regular wash and must use soapy water. 

Step 4: Apply car wax

After finishing the cleansing steps, finally you need to apply the car wax to the car paint. Car wax is a thin coat of wax that resists bug infestation in the future. Moreover, if the bugs attack the wax will protect the car paint from acidic debris. 

Another main reason for waxing is re-applying the car wax. The WD 40 removes the car wax layer so it is necessary to use the car wax in the affected areas. 

  • Apply the best car wax in the car paint.
  • Use a sponge or microfiber cloth for rubbing.
  • Rub with a circular motion.
  • Then wipe out the wax with a clean cloth. 

Now you are done!  The car is ready for the next drive. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Is it safe to use WD 40 on car paint?

WD 40 smoothly wipes out the bug waste and corrosion caused by the acidic reaction of dead bugs. This liquid is not harmful to the car paint, but most WD 40 gets off the car wax too. So you need to expend car wax after using the WD 40.

  1. Is WD 40 removing water spots?

Yes, the WD 40 can remove water spots from the car windows, mirrors, and paints. It will remove the marks with deep cleansing. Just spray the watermarks and wipe them out with a cloth. Then there will be no water spots.

  1. How to protect the car paint from bug splats?

There are a lot of commercial products that are used to protect car paint. Actually, this product creates a protective layer that makes the car paint more slippery, and the bug can not stick with the car surface. Furthermore, you will find the thin tape that is specially used in the car surface. It protects the car from bugs when you go on a long drive.


This is the proper way to get off the bug splats from the car paint with WD 40. applying the WD 40 is very easy and doesn’t harm the car surface at all. It is also a cost-effective way to remove the bug splats. You will get the WD 40 in any local automotive store, or you can order online. And perform regular car maintenance.

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