How To Remove Yellowing From White Car Paint | Effective Ways

Usually, people choose their car color according to their mood, favoritism, or popularity. White color is a symbol of peace and purity that is a big reason people choose the white color paint for their car. As time passes, the white color doesn’t stay in the same position. It is getting turned yellowing for different reasons. Obviously, this dim color lessens the attractiveness and glory.

Don’t be disappointed if you are suffering from this serious issue. You can resist the car tuning yellow. Following some effective steps, you can hold the shine for a long time. In this article, you will get to know some useful moves about how to remove the yellowing from white car paint.


Why do white cars turn into yellowing?

Sunlight is the main reason for the yellowing white car. The car has a clear coat layer on the top of the paint. The sunlight’s oxidation damages the clear coat, and this causes yellowing. After some time, it becomes duller.

Yellowing may be visible on the hood that is happening because of the engine heat. Moreover, the acid rain and industrial fallout also may cause yellowing. 

The sun’s UV light affects any paint color, but it is more visible in the white color rather than darker colors. The oxidation hits more in the door panel, side mirror, and the hood where the water drains down. If the dirt and grime don’t clean properly, then it causes yellow strains.

3 Effective ways of removing yellowing from the car

Performing these methods can prevent yellowing from the car and maintain the paint shine for a long time. Readout fully the guide.

1. Wash the car

Car wash is an obvious task in regular maintenance. It wipes the dirt and particles from the topmost layer of the car. In turn, it will prevent yellowing. So at first, you need to wash your car properly.

You can use specific car washing shampoo that removes sticky dirt from the body. You need to choose the best shampoo that has a perfect pH balance level. If you use the wrong acidity, it may affect the car paint. Using the right pH will reduce the chances of scratches and dull colors.

If you don’t have cleansing shampoo, you can use vinegar, which is a natural acid. But don’t use it directly. Mix with all-purpose water with a fixed portion of water. Vinegar mixed water washed out grease and dirt from the top layers. While you are using vinegar, wash one cabinet at a time. And rinse with clean water again.

You have to maintain the time zone for a car wash. Never wash a car at midday while the sun shines intensely. If you want to wash in the morning, do it before 8 am. In case of the evening, wash after 5 pm. The car paint will get cracks and crust washing the car under the sun. So always maintain the timing to get the best result.

2. Use Clay bar

Using a clay bar is a more effective way to remove yellowing from the white car paint. The clay bar can remove airborne contaminants that damage the clear coat. It is more useful than waxing or washing. And only a car wash can not eliminate the tiny particles and give you a smooth finish after a wash. While you have a white car, you need to use it often.

Clay bars come in a box-shaped rubber that quickly absorbs the dirt. Actually, it is a mixture of resin and polishing abrasives, not regular earth clay. To use the clay bar, follow the process below. 

Always store the clay bar on a clean surface. If it falls in the ground, it will catch dirt, and it will be useless. Don’t use it again or the dirt will cause scratches in the paint finish. Now, bring out the clay bar from the packaging box. Now choose a clean and flat surface and knead with your palm to make it malleable. 

Take the softened clay bar and gently glide it over the surface of the paint. Do not force it. Just do it in a flow on the paint finish. Always split up the bar because it pulls up contaminants quickly, so re-knead the new one and do the same process until you finish the car. 

While applying the clay, choose a shaded area because the clay dried up quickly. Make sure the car surface is also cool and clean to touch. 

3. Waxing the car

Waxing is a transparent layer of wax that creates a coat in the car paint. The best car wax will give protection from the yellowing of the white car. Applying the wax in the car is very easy. You can use a special sponge to distribute it over the car. If you don’t have the sponge, use a soft cloth or rub to apply the wax.

This is very easy and straightforward. Waxing protects the car for a long time to fade away. So you must apply wax periodically while you have a white car.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Is it hard to maintain a white car?

Maintaining a white car is a bit difficult because even tiny spots are much visible in the white paint. So you need to keep it neat and clean. To avoid yellowing, you must use waxing and a clay bar.

  1. How often should I wash a white car? 

Experts recommend washing the car every two weeks. But washing much depends on your driving routes. If you drive in a dusty area, you must wash the white car quickly. Otherwise, it may cause paint damage or finally yellowing.

Final words

Removing yellowing from the white car is a straightforward process. By doing these steps, you will get perfect shine and color every time. If you don’t take any steps about yellowing, it will dull the paint and stick with the car paint that will be hard to remove. Remember one thing; car paint conveys your personality. So you need to be careful about it. Taking some simple steps, you can keep up the shine for an extended period.

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