How to Clean Rubber Trim Around Car Windows | Complete Tips

Rubber trim is designed to protect the car interior from water, wind, and dust. This trim is installed around the car windows, doors, hood, and bumpers. It is a useful component in a car, but when it comes to regular wash, they are overlooked.

Rubber trim becomes dirty as the rest of the other exteriors. If you don’t clean them, they will look dull, soon worn and tear. So it would help if you clean the rubber trims regularly. Here we came with the best solution of clean rubber trim around the window.


The implication of cleaning car window trims

Clean rubber trim around the windows enhances the entire look. Moreover, cleaning can prevent many consequences such as:

  • Cleaning is a part of regular maintenance. The rubber trim cleaning is as important as exterior cleaning. The actual intention is to wipe out dirt, moisture, and other debris.
  • Without regular cleaning, the rubber trim gets wear and gets damaged. A damaged rubber trim can lead to rust and corrosion inside the car.
  • Cleansing prevents moisture from the rubber trim. If your car has electric maintained windows then moistured rubber trim amplifies a bad impact.
  • Rubber trim protects the car in many ways. Though rubber is a durable material, it is also damaged by sun rays, road heat, dirt, and becomes brittle. The cleaning process can reduce the damage and prevent cracks in the rubber trim.

How to clean rubber trim around car windows?

If you don’t want a dull and worn rubber trim, then you have to focus on cleanliness. Getting started the cleaning session you need some elements like:

Cleaning solution

In the market, you will get a lot of commercial cleaning products. The automotive shampoo is a great choice for cleaning the rubber trim. But if you want a more affordable and effective solution then you can make a remedy for cleaning the rubber trim.

For example, you can make a solution of hot water and liquid dish soap. In a vessel take half of the hot water and half a portion of dish soap.


Choose a soft brush for rubbing the rubber trim. Avoid the stiff bristle brush because it can scratch and damage the soft rubber material. You can choose a mild toothbrush for trim scrubbing as it is small and easily clean the narrower sides.

Microfiber cloth

After cleaning you will need a cloth or towel to dry the excess water from the trim. The microfiber cloth will be excellent for this purpose as it gently wipes things without leaving dirt behind. A paper towel also works for wiping.

Rubber trim protection

Applying rubber trim protectant is essential for long-lasting life. It helps to resist wear, oxidation, road heat, and sun damage. So search for the best protectant that is designed for rubber and also equipped with UV protection.

After gathering all the elements, you may go for the cleaning process. Here is the step-by-step guide for you:

Step 1: Roll up the windows fully. It will be great if you accomplish the process after washing the car. Or wipe the rubber trims for removing the unbound dirt and debris.

Step 2: Put in the automotive shampoo or the DIY solution on the window rubber trim. You can use a spray bottle or a toothbrush for applying the solution.

Step 3: Gently rub with the brush so that the sticky debris gets off from the rubber trim.

Step 4: Take the microfiber cloth and dab the trim away to soak the water and shampoo. You need to wipe the cleaning solution thoroughly, or it will leave a residue on the trim. Then leave it for some time to fully dry up.

Step 5: Detect the trim well. If there is any dirt left, repeat the process.

Step 6: Check the interior. The interior trim has less dirt and debris. Still, you need to clean them for better performance.

Step 7: After drying completely, you can use the protectant. It will enrich the shine and prolong the trim life.

Tip: After cleaning the rubber trim, you need to wipe or wash the car exterior. When cleaning the rubber, trim the cleaning solution, or dirt may contact the paint. So you need to wash the car to remove the debris and stain. Remember that you must apply the protectant after car wash.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How do you get green mold off car window seals?

The main cause of green mold in the windows seals is weak rubber trim. If the rubber trim can not lock the moisture properly, it leads to the green mold. Using a cleaning solution and rubbing brush, you can get off the green mold from the car window seals. The issue frequently happens; you should change the rubber trim as they are damaged fully and lose their efficiency.

  1. When you need to clean the rubber trim around the car windows?

The cleaning treatment depends on the area where you live. If you live in sandy and sunnier areas, then you need to clean the trim once a month and apply the protectant twice a year.

  1. How to fix sun-damaged rubber trim?

Using trim restore solution you can fix the sun-damaged rubber trim. You will find several restored products in the market. First, you need to wash the trim and dry it, then apply the restore solution. If you take the necessary steps you can resist the sun damage to the car windows trim.

Wrapping up

Rubber trim needs proper cleaning as it ensures protective issues as well as exterior shine and looks. Dull rubber trim lessens the gaze and efficiency. It would help if you cleaned them following our guidance. 

Moreover, applying the rubber protectant is necessary to maintain the shines and save from the Sun’s UV rays. Sun rays can crack the rubber trim, and cracked rubber trim can not lock the moisture, dirt, and water. So you have to ensure all the steps of cleaning rubber trim around the car.

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