The Ultimate Benefits of Changing an Air Filter in Car

Do you want to enjoy a fast ride in your car? If yes, then a new air filter assists you on this basis. Air filters supply the necessary air so that the engine can work smoothly. Over time, it becomes dirty and clogged by the contaminants. This causes a rough ride and also damages the engine power. So you need to change the air filter periodically.

Changing an air filter is a significant part of car maintenance. You will have a lot of benefits by doing this task. In this article, we will be aware of the benefits of changing air filter in car. Stick with us to know more. 


What is an air filter?

Like humans, cars also require proper airflow for the combustion process. For better performance, the car’s engine needs fresh oxygen. Typically, the air filter is placed in the car’s intake manifold. 

An air filter is made of paper-like material such as cotton, foam, or synthetic paper and folded like an accordion. While the air passes through the air filter, it resists dust, particles, insects, debris, and sand. A clean airflow ensures a perfect mixture of air and fuel that gives you outstanding performance. Car air filters come in many shapes, like circular, panel, or square. 

Benefits of changing an air filter

1. Improves fuel efficiency

While the engine gets clean air, it ensures a good mixture of fuel and air. In turn, you will get better acceleration and fuel efficiency. No doubt, air filters deliver clean airflow, so changing the air filter improves fuel efficiency. This is the most significant benefit of replacing the clogged air filter.

If the air is full of debris and dirt, this will decrease the fuel efficiency and get slower acceleration on stops. If you don’t get smooth acceleration then it is a sign to change the air filter. It is proven that a new air filter increases 10 percent gas mileage.     

2. Decrease emission

The dirty air filter can not resist debris and particles; thus, it affects the emission control system. If the emission system doesn’t work correctly, it causes severe issues in driving. The most common problem is the spark plug ignition issues or incorrect fuel mixture. Overall, these problems greatly decrease fuel mileage. If the spark plunges are damaged, you may face an engine miss or rugged idle. 

If you don’t replace the clogged air filter, it fouls the emission system, and soon you may go for a Service Engine. The car owners know how costly it is to serve the engine. So if you get rid of this problem, you must replace the air filter. It will reduce emissions, and the engine will work properly.

3. Enhance the engine’s life

As we know, the engine works superbly with proper airflow. The air filter is a compulsory assistant of an engine that ensures accurate airflow. If the engine gets contaminated air, it doesn’t work correctly and also jammed the engine. Even a small amount of dirt or sand can negatively impact the engine’s performance.

The air filter is the most affordable option to keep the engine safe and secure. It eliminates the wear and tears to protect the engine. As a result, the engine lasts for longer and gives a smooth performance.   

4. Refine the car performance

A new air filter increases fuel efficiency, supplies a proper airflow, reduces emission, and overall, protects the engine from damage. It helps to keep away the advanced wear and tear from the engine parts. While the engine is healthy, it delivers improved and fast performance. You will get better acceleration in the ride.

An air filter should replace every 15,000 miles or according to air filter condition. If you are in a sandy area, you need to change it often. After changing it, you will indeed have a bigger difference in riding. 

5. Affordable addition

Purchasing a new air filter costs a few bucks that will definitely fit your wallet. Changing an air filter is the most affordable maintenance to have great drivability. It is straightforward to change and can be done by yourself. But you need to choose the exact model and shape according to your car.

In the latest car design, the air filter is attached to the throttle body. The air filter is enclosed in a rectangular box and kept closed by screws. In many cars, on the older model, you may find the round shape air filter housing ahead of the carburetor. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is the sign of changing the air filter in a car?

Bad performance is the main sign of changing the dirty air filter. While the air filter is clogged with dirt, the engine will emit black smoke, lose power, and light or hard engine failure. Unusual engine sound is also a major sign of changing the air filter. If you check the air filter, you will see the white color turns into a different color. When the air filter becomes black and dirty, you need to change it. 

  1. When you often should change the air filter in a car?

According to experts, you need to change the air filter every 10,000 to 12000 miles. But you need to check the air filter to ensure it is good or dirty. If you drive in dusty or polluted areas, you may change it earlier. 

  1. What happens when you don’t change the car air filter?

If you don’t change the car filter regularly, it will affect the car performance. The engine will be damaged by wear and tear. Soon, it fouled the emission system and decreased fuel efficiency. 

Final Words 

The benefits of changing air filters in cars are many. It improves overall car performance and ensures long-lasting engine life. It supplies clean airflow and the engine works properly. To eliminate black smoke, this is also beneficial. So you need to change the air filter on a daily basis. If you keep maintaining the process, you don’t need to go for engine service often. A new air filter costs less money, and you can fix yourself with some handy tools.

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