Why Does My Car Stereo Keep Resetting & How to Fix

Among the hundreds of different car stereo problems, the most common problem is that it may keep resetting and even stop working frequently. This very annoying experience wastes our time and kills our mood. 

Suppose you are going on a long drive with your friend in an excellent romantic mood and both are enjoying favorite music, and suddenly the stereo starts to keep resetting. What will be the condition of your mood? Can you imagine how much it can be odd in front of your partner?  

Well, few specific reasons cause your stereo to reseat itself. Undoubtedly this situation is quite annoying. Whether your car is new or old, this problem can happen in any vehicle.

The car stereo can keep resetting automatically because of the problem in the memory wires, fuse issues, head unit malfunction, etc. Whatever the problem is, this article will guide you to identify the problem and guide you to fix it. 


Can the car stereo reset itself?

The stereo system is a very sensitive part of a vehicle. It needs great care and maintenance. If you do not give much attention and do not care about it, it will not work correctly and fail to provide your desired service. People often asked us can the car stereo reset itself? Well, the answer is yes. A car stereo can reset itself and cause various problems if you do not maintain it properly. 

Why does my car stereo keep resetting, and how can I fix it?

We have already said that there are various reasons to keep resetting the car’s stereo system. Here will discuss some of the significant reasons and will also guide you on how you can fix these problems. Keep reading us.

1. Malfunction in memory wire

We know that the stereo of the car is very sensitive. It often refuses to work correctly. When you turn on the car engine and the stereo, they do not work correctly, and the setting of the stereo reset itself to the factory setting, which means this problem may occur due to the poor connection of the memory wire.

You can find a thin yellow-colored wire connection in the stereo; this wire is the memory wire. This thin yellow wire provides the stereo’s connection and setting like the radio frequency, time, etc. If there is any problem with this wire, then the stereo can keep resetting itself whenever you will switch on the car engine. There is another red color tiny wire on the stereo, which needs to be checked because it gets only in power when you switch on the vehicle. 

How to fix this problem

It is not a significant problem at all; you can short out it quickly. If your car stereo does not work correctly and keeps resetting itself, then you should check both the yellow and the red wire on the radio. If the wire tore or lose the connection, then repair the cable. 

Cut the outer plastic wrapper of the wire and twist it and attach again to the stereo. Do the same for both wires if it damages. Indeed it will work if the memory wire problem is the only problem of resetting the stereo.

2. Losing power when the engine cranks

Engine cranking is a big problem for a vehicle. Most of the drivers have to face this problem, which is quite annoying also. Stereo is not only a music system; it has a unique role in every vehicle. When you switch on the car, the engine starts cranking. Indicating low battery, the stereo release a warning sound and turned off. 

It may happen due to having a faulty capacitor. The stereo has a capacitor inside it, which provides the necessary backup power. The capacitor may be incorrect or do not work accurately. This problem only happens during the cranking of the engine. Though it often occurs problem you can also fix it quickly. 

How to fix this problem

The only proper solution is to remove the faulty capacitor and replace a new one to fix this problem. After replacing the defective capacitor, the new one will provide the necessary energy to the stereo system, and it will stop resetting itself while starting the engine. 

3. Fuse issues 

Fuse also has a vital role in automatically resetting the stereo. Fuse provides the required voltage, and the stereo works appropriately after receiving the energy from the fuse. 

When a stereo reset itself, it sets default settings. So, if you want to listen to your favorite music, you have to set the settings again. The car stereo system has many sensitive spots that cause glitches and errors. If the fuse is not correctly connected or gets damaged, then the stereo will not get the necessary power; as a result, it will not work correctly or turn off.

How to fix this problem

If the car stereo keeps resetting automatically or turn off itself, then the fuse on it. Inspect all the connections near the fuse and examine if they connected correctly. If you find any misplaced wire, join again and check the stereo. 

If the stereo works properly after joining the wire again, then the problem is solved. If the problem is still alive, you may need to replace the defective fuse with a new one. A new fuse can provide proper voltage to your stereo to run smoothly. 

4. Car stereo head unit malfunction

The stereo head unit is the most vital component of a car stereo. Sometimes the wires cannot be appropriately taped and mixed with other cables. In this situation, your stereo can keep resetting or even stop working. 

Moreover, the stereo head unit has some internal and external complications. So, you need to check all things related to the head unit carefully. 

How to fix this problem

The car’s stereo head unit is a vital part of the entire stereo system. To solve problems in this part, carefully inspect the stereo’s head unit and check if wires are taped or joined correctly. 

If not, then wrap the wire with tape properly join the wire again if needed. Hopefully, the stereo is now getting the required power from the head unit. Check the stereo to make sure that the stereo is now run smoothly after fixing the wires problems. If still, it continues resetting, then you may need to replace the entire head unit. 

Wrapping up

Car stereo keeps resetting is not any major problem at all, but it is quite common indeed. Just a little bit of care and proper maintenance can make your stereo system run smoothly year after year. Though any temporary glitches do not affect much to its performance, if it happens frequently, then you should try to find out the cause behind it. Then follow the fixing method of the relative reasons and solve the problem. All the best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What color is the memory wire?

The constant 12V wire is usually referred to as the memory wire of the stereo head unit. Most of the head units of the market come in yellow color. 

Why does my radio keep turning off in my car?

If there is a problem with the car stereo wiring, then the head unit can turn off intermittently, or the sound can cut off when you drive on the road. When the connection is loose, even everyday driving can be a cause of connection breaking.

How do I reset my car radio after I change the battery?

Just press the radio power button and hold it for 2 to 3 seconds. It will re-engage the radio. Your car radio is ready to entertain you with a new battery.

What does the illumination wire do?

The illumination wire is for adjusting the brightness of the display on an aftermarket stereo’s face-plate.

How do you know if a radio fuse is blown?

To know the actual situation of the fuse, you have to check the fuse wire. If there is a dark smear inside the glass or a visible gap in the wire, then the fuse may be blown, and you need to replace it.

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