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Removing oil stains from the car paint is like a horror movie because of being sticky, and stubborn. Oil-based stain dries rapidly and it is hard to remove it, but not impossible. 

Oil stain decreases the shine of the cat exterior, so you need to remove it immediately. Everything has its own way to remove and you have to follow this. If you don’t remove the oil stain in a proper way then it may damage the car paint. 

In this article, we will discuss how to remove oil-based stains from car paint. Following the method, you can get rid of this issue. We have demonstrated step by step guide for a clean, shiny, and spotless car exterior.  


4 Ways to remove oil stains from car paint

Usually, the car paint gets contacted with the oil-based stains while refueling motor oil and petrol. Sometimes when your car goes for servicing, it gets oil-stains because grease, lubricant are wandering around the garage. 

Most lubricants such as motor oil, grease, or petrol can not harm the car paint. It takes only a slimy mess, but it doesn’t harm the vehicle or the paint. A clear coat protects the car paint. If you remove the oil or grease quickly before drying, it will be no mess. It is more challenging to wash the dried oil stain, and it can damage the car paint by hard rubbing. So here are the right methods of removing an oil-based stain.

1. Give a wash with degreasing products 

While you notify the oil stains on the car paint, give a wash as soon as possible. Use degreasing products like detergent or liquid soap. Many commercial car washing shampoos are beneficial for removing oil stains. 

Use a clean microfiber cloth for rubbing the spots. Apply shampoo directly on the stain and rub with the cloth in a circular motion. Then wash off the area with water. If the stain doesn’t remove properly, then repeat the process again before drying and now use another clean microfiber cloth. Then wash thoroughly with water. 

2. Use a clay bar

Using a clay bar is a useful process for perfect detailing. It eliminates any kind of contamination, including the oil stain. If the oil stains do not remove with a wash, you need to use a clay bar for better results. It will give a clear and smooth finish. Oil stains turn into different color corrosion, and a clay bar is more effective for this problem. 

The oil stains that stick with the finishes need to remove with a clay bar. You need to be careful while using it. Choose a fine-grade clay bar for getting the perfect outcome, and you will h find many high-quality clay bars out there. Just remember you need to use the clay bar after proper washing.

Before starting, divide the clay bar into small pieces and rest them in the shade and clean place. If you use a big portion and it drops by chance, it will be useless because it quickly catches any particle. So take a small piece that you can flatten with 3 fingers. 

After taking the portion, knead with a hand palm to make it soften. Then wipe with a clay piece with light pressure. You need to do this laying in the shade because it dried out fast. Now your car will be smoothly neat and clean. The clay bar wipes out the oil-based stains.

3. Apply car polish

After rubbing and claying, the car paint may get some scratches or other minor imperfections. So you can eradicate these imperfections with car polish. As we said earlier, the car has a clear coat, and the polish works on the searches by settling them down in the clear coat. It’s a fine layer of paintwork that you need to do before waxing. 

Car polish is an effective way to get shine for a long period. After drying the car properly, you need to go for car polishing. Use a microfiber cloth or soft foam pad for applying. Take a small quantity of polish in the cloth and spread them all over the car paint. You can use a circular motion or go up and down. 

Leave the car to cure and for this, read the packaging instructions. After some time, wipe the polish residue using a clean and soft cloth. Then it will be ready. If you don’t want to cut off the physical endurance, you can invest in a small electric polish machine. 

4. Finally waxing

Washing, claying, and polishing will totally remove the oil-based stains from the car and get back the shine. But it will be a wise decision if you take a step to hold the shine for an extended period, and wax is the ultimate way for this. Wax makes a clean layer that covers the glossy paint and protects the paint from debris and stains. 

Put some wax in the microfiber cloth and apply it to the car paint covering every inch. Let it dry for some minutes until the wax turns into a dull haze. Now wipe the wax properly with a clean cloth but don’t use the same cloth that you used for washing, polishing, and waxing. Now you are ready to go with a clean and spotless car. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Is degreaser bad for car paint?

Degreaser sometimes damages the exterior paint and decreases the shine. So while using degreasing products must use polish and wax for the shine and perfections. 

  1. How often should you wax the car?

To experts, a car needs to wax four times a year. It will protect the car paint for a long time. But if you remove the hard and sticky oil stains, you need to re-wax the car for more protection. 

Final Words

After drying the oil-based stains, it is tough to remove. But you can do it easily with the following steps at ease. Using the method, you will surely succeed in removing and getting back the shine to your car paint.

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