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Typically while you wash your car by yourself, it may leave water spots. Some people don’t bother about it, or some may feel irritated. Well, it is likely to possibly have water spots if you don’t take proper steps. 

After washing, the spots dry out and leave some white marks on the car’s body. Actually, water spots lessen the attractiveness of a car’s paint.

You can stave off the problem using some simple hacks. Look over it fully to know how to prevent water spots after a car wash.


6 Tips to prevent water spots after car wash

In the market, you will find many commercial products that resist the water spots and offer a clean and fresh car. But you can prevent the water spots with these commercial products. Below we have discussed 6 effective ways to avoid the water spots after a car wash.

1. Wash with distilled water 

You might use the normal water that you used for doing other household works. This water contains mineral elements that are the main reason for water spots. 

While washing on the hot summer day, the beads dry out quickly and cause watermarks. So using the distilled water, you can prevent the water spots. Distilled water is one kind of purified water and it is the most effective way to avoid the issue.

2. Use a microfiber cloth

After washing, if you swept out the car with cloths immediately before getting dried, then you can prevent water spots. It does not fully prevent water spots; you may see water spots on the hard-to-reach areas. 

Swiping with cloth also removes the lint deposit. Lint deposits moisture in the water, resulting in water spots in several places on the car paint. The microfiber is useful to swap off the lint particles. The microfiber cloth can be paper towels or hand towels. 

3. Save from raindrops

Typically, raindrops are the usual reason for having watermarks. In this green earth, mineral water is everywhere and rainwater is a source of fresh mineral water. It causes messy water spots on the top. So you should avoid the rainwater and lawn sprinklers. It happens widely while you are far away from the car and leave hard spots until you remove. 

4. Use a car cover

A car cover is an obvious solution to protect your car from getting water spots. Sometimes in the garage have leaky pipes or roof that cause some watermarks and it looks uneven. So using a car cover you can resist the spots. It also saves the car from dust and deposits. You can keep the car in a clean position for a long time. 

5. Wash in shade

If the sun shines on the top and shines strongly, you should avoid the washing time. You can not wash in such a condition. If you wash under the sun, the car paint becomes dense, shineless, and also leaves spots. The sun dries the bubble and foams, as well as the water, also vapour quickly, that cause rinse water spots. 

So you need to wash in a shaded area like a garage or under big trees. Or avoid mid-time of the day; wash in the evening. This timing is also useful while waxing the car. So while maintaining the car, you must avoid the sunlight. 

6. Use water solution

To remove existing water spots on the car’s body, you can use a villager with water on the sports. The experts also recommend it for removing dirty spots. It is the most reliable way to remove hard water spots in a second. 

White vinegar is widely used to remove water spots or other deposits. It is a handy tip to remove any kinds of spots that can not be removed after several washes. For detailing and shine, you can use vinegar. If your car gets a dirty splash, you can remove it quickly with the vinegar.

How to wash a car without water spots?

Many car owners don’t have an exact idea of washing cars. But you need to pick such a time when the sun is not above your head or you can wash in the garage. So you can follow the steps to have a spotless car wash. 

  • First, wet the car with distilled water. If you don’t have purified water, use normal water. 
  • Now it is time to scrub the car. Always choose a microfiber or damp rag brush for scrubbing. 
  • Now wash out one side of the car and rinse the water with a microfiber cloth. It will be better if you allotted it in part by part to ease the wash and rinse process. Do the same every time you wash your car. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Do car wax remove the water spots?

Yes, waxing is a beneficial way to eliminate water spots. Waxing makes a thin layer on the top of the car that protects the paint for multiple objectives. The thin coat of wax effectively flowed out the water quickly. As a result, the water drops cannot dry out and fail to make water spots. It also protects the car from the sunlight. You can purchase a car wax in the nearby super shop or order in the online market.

  1. What is the best car remover?

To clean the car, most car owners use detergent or shampoo. But they can not clean the car properly and leave water spots. If it is so annoying for you, you must buy some commercial products to get rid of this. Many products are available for this purpose.

  1. Does vinegar harm car paint?

Vinegar is a kind of acid, so it wears down the paint. So whenever you use the vinegar you must mix it with some water or other elements. Don’t ever apply directly. If you do so, it will eat the paint and cause more mess and oddness on the car paint. So be careful of using the vinegar in the car. It would be better if you only use it on the tough spots; otherwise, you should avoid it.

Final Words

Most car owners always try to detail washing, but they failed and created a mess up. Rinsing a car perfectly is not a difficult task; if you follow some real tricks, you can achieve a spotless and shiny car in every wash. Above we have shared some hacks, that are much beneficial to avoid water spots after washing. So if you maintain the rules, your car will never be dense and spotless.

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