Why Is My Car Floor Wet When It Rains & How to Fix

Water in the car floor when it rains outside means there is an issue to look after. The air conditioner might have a problem, the door seals, the blocked door drains, or the damaged window area. This condition spreads a disgusting odor inside the car. It also makes the passenger uncomfortable for no reason.

Besides, it will abrupt the car’s environment. If you are in such a terrible condition, then hurry up and fix it. We are here to provide you with the necessary information and directions to solve this issue. Follow the instructions. Your sufferings are about to go. We bet you will get the solution of why is my car floor wet when it rains. Check the steps below.


Causes of Water Leaking while Raining

Several causes exist for water leaking inside the car while raining. Each cause can be a result of water leaking while raining. If your weather-strips are not working, then the problem is in roof seams or clogged sunroof drain. Default windshield gaskets and leaked door seals can also be responsible for water leakage.

  • Faulty Weather-strip Seal

Weather-strip seals are designed to block gaps. Sometimes these seals become move away or have a crack which reason for the water is leaking inside the car.

  • Roof seams of the car

Sometimes water leaks because of defective roof seams. If you look for any crack in your roof seam, then this is the main culprit for leaking.

  • Clogged Sunroof drain

Filth and dirt block the sunroof drain, which restraints water flow. As a result, water leaks through the sunroof drain.

  • Default windshield

Leakage in the windshield can be a cause of water leakage. There might be a problem with the windshield seal; water scrolls inside the car through the cracked seal.

  • Leaked Car Door seals

Door seals are crucial for a car. In a rainy season, water can pass through the door if there is no seal. That is why door seals are important.

How to Fix the Car Water Leaking while Raining

Tools that You Need:

  • A pair of gloves
  • New seals
  • A towel
  • Thinner

Step-1: First, diagnosis the water leakage. You have to identify the source of water leakage. Without identifying it, you cannot take the right action to solve the leakage. There can various causes of leakage. You have to find the correct source of this trouble.

Step-2: If the leakage is for the faulty weather shield or weather shield seal, you must take steps to solve this problem. The weather shield can be broken. In this case, buy new weather shields to replace the old ones. If the weather shield seals defect then you have to work on that. If the seal is leaked then block the leak with glue or tap. Andi If the seal is cracked then you have to change the old one.

Step-3: If the car’s roof seams have defected, then water can leak through the roof. The roof can itself have a fracture. It can be a serious problem. In that case, go to a nearer car repair center.

Step-4: The sunroof drain can be clogged by filth. Clogged drain line causes water leakage. First, you have to clean the sunroof drain. After doing that, remove the excess water from the sunroof drain. Then check inside. It will stop dropping water.

Step-5: The windshield can leak it. Leak causes water leakage, and it can be a cause of poor installation. The leakage also can create electrical issues. That is why you have to fix it quickly. First, remove the windshield’s exterior trim. Then use a paint thinner and dry the area to do the next step.

Step-6: Then attach a sealant beneath the seal. If there exists any rough area, then adjust it using an index car.

Step-7: Finally attach the windshield’s exterior seal in the car. If there is another leakage in the leaked car door seals, then you have to fix it. First, check the seal. Notice the problem. If there is an adjustment problem, then adjust it.

Step-8: Afterward, check whether the seal is cracked or not. If the seal is cracked, then take it off. Buy a new seal. Then carefully attach it to the car.

Step-9: There can be leakage because of rust. If any metal in your car has leakage, then try to block it. Fill it with proper filler.

Step-10: Finally, go inside the car and check. Hopefully, water leaking will stop.

Damages Occur because of Water Leaking inside Car

Constant water flows inside the car can be a source of producing lots of trouble in your car. This can result in you a high cost. The following damages can occur in your car for constant water leaking while raining.

  • Rust

Water in your car meets metals. Then the oxidation process starts where iron in metals meets with oxygen and water, which lays a reddish-brown oxide form. It will dissolve away the metals of your car. That is why it is bad for your vehicle.

  • Damaged metals

Water weakness the metals of your car. It can be because of rust or because of water itself. Damaged metals are a threat to you and the car. Any kind of incident can happen for it. However, damages can be serious or minor.

  • Corrosion of electronic  components

Corrosion of electronic components means the failure mode of electronic components and systems. It ruins electronics. Water plays an active role in it. If it happens, you will be in trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is water leaking while raining different from leaking water while A/C is on?

Yes, water leaking while raining is different from water leaking while A/C is on. It is because water leaking while raining is a cause of the outside problem but water leaking while A/C is on is mainly because of A/C, which is an insider problem.

  1. Is water leaking while raining a seasonal problem?

Most of the time, this problem occurs in any season, but leaking is seen in the rainy season.

  1. Is water leaking while raining a serious problem?

Yes, it can cause a bigger problem. Corrosion of electronic components can occur. Metals can get defective at any time.


Water leaking is a serious problem for the car. It can be caused because of an insider problem or an outsider problem. Identifying the problem is the main hard work. Most of us face this problem. If you are facing this problem, then it is a perfect article for you. This article will give you in-depth knowledge about water leaking. Follow the institutions. You will see the result on yourself.

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